Selasa, 23 Desember 2014

smart fashionable nerdy glasses frame

Great to wear nerdy glasses frame, people are so interested in every vintage and retro product style recently; not forget to mention wearing nerdy glasses become a trend hit in the fashion scene. The nerdy look had nothing to do with being a geek. It speaks highly of people’s personal style.

You can say “I’m smart and fashionable” without much effort when wearing this style of glasses; as people will consider you to be highly competitive in math, science or language. Wearing glasses will also allow you stand out from the crowd.

A glasses frame can be considered nerdy when it has:
• A thick, dark colored frame made of plastic, horn, tortoiseshell or metal;
• Can be semi-rimless, have roundish or other shapes;
• Have a smart and stylish look

If you try to follow fashion trends, you may find it expensive, especially after the trend fades and you are forced to buy another pair as a replacement. However, this black frame glasses will be timeless. You can wear nerdy specs for a long time. Something more classic would definitely last much longer.
Nerdy eyewear does not just come in black anymore. There are many attractive colors and patterns that have made it into today’s fashion scene. Multi-colored geeky specs, for example, are a huge hit among the younger generation.

If you are interested in buying nerdy glasses, there are many options to choose from including:
• Check manufacturer websites for the latest collections by Ray Ban, Tom Ford, Warby Parker or other favorite designers;
• Amazon and e-bay have good reviews on different manufacturers and models, so research and prepare yourself with information well in advance;
• You can often find retro glasses with or without lenses at local flea markets selling at bargain prices also;
• Online optical shops now offer customized prescription glasses and they arrange free shipping on your order, as well.